Product Characteristics

Maisi®  is a brand of cellulose ethers products of Gomez Chemical, and are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose,the most abundant polymer in nature.

Maisi® HPMC-Series

1.High-efficiency:Maisi® HPMC reduces the overall cost of the formulation system and provides a very high cost performance .

2.Complete product range:Maisi® HPMC products are available in various grades (MS60, MS65, MS75)

3.Customized:According to the application requirements of customers,we can work together to produce the perfect products expected by customers.

Maisi® HEC-Series

1、Good dispersivity:After surface treatment, the product has sufficient time to disperse and dissolve in the process of use, and no lump and gel will occur.

2、Excellent thickening ability:All kinds of viscosity models are complete, which can meet various applications .

3、good compatibility: can be dissolved with most inorganic salts and resins.

4、Excellent stability: anti biodegradation, stable viscosity

5、Good water solubility: less insolubles in water solution with high transparency.

Maisi® RDP-Series

Maisi®Redispersible Polymer Powder, also called RDP or VAE RDP, is a free-flowing and water-soluble white powder. It is obtained from vinyl acetate-ethylene through a spray-drying process.

Maisi®VAE RDP can enhance the mortar adhesion, cohesion, and bonding strength. It also improves workability, durability, abrasion resistance, wear resistance, and load-bearing capacity. Adding RDP also enhances the mortar’s wetting and water-retention property.

Complete product range:Maisi® RDP products are available in various grades (MS609N, MS6070N ,MS600)