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As a high-efficiency additive, cellulose ether plays an important role in cement plastering. They mainly improve the quality and construction effect of plastering materials by thickening, retaining water, improving adhesion and improving construction performance.

Maisi® Cellulose ether can significantly increase the viscosity and fluidity of the slurry, making it easier to apply on walls and floors, preventing particle sedimentation, and forming a uniform plastering layer. 

At the same time, its excellent water retention property prolongs the open time of the plastering slurry, reduces the formation of shrinkage cracks, and thus improves the integrity of the plastering layer. 

Cellulose ether also enhances the adhesion between the plastering material and the substrate, prevents hollowing and falling off, and ensures the firm adhesion of the plastering layer. 

Maisi® cellulose ether improves the construction performance of the plastering material, making the surface of the plastering layer smoother and flatter, reducing defects in construction, and improving the overall aesthetics. 

The application of cellulose ether greatly improves the construction efficiency and quality of cement plastering, making it an indispensable key material in modern construction.

Maisi® Cellulose Feature:

Provides high water retention:Maisi® cellulose ether has excellent water retention, and helps the cement have full hydration.

Reduces shrinkage or expansion: Maisi® reduces shrinkage or expansion of Cement based Render during setting as it provides high water retention.

Improve anti-sagging propertyater:Maisi® can make the mortar have better adhesion and excellent sag resistance, easier to plaster and render work, and improve work efficiency.

Improve workability:Maisi® can make the finish smoother and flatter during the plastering process.

Maisi® Cellulose HPMC MS-60

Maisi® Cellulose HPMC MS-65

Maisi® Cellulose HPMC MS-75

Maisi® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder MS600

Maisi® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder MS6070N

Maisi® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder MS6090N