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Celluloes HPMC Industry application solutions


Industrial cleaner products include all types of liquid products such as floor cleaners, detergents and dishwashing agents. The good thickening properties in MaiSi® cellulose ether products ensure long-term stability of the liquid, and play the role of thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, suspending agent and moisturizing agent in daily chemical products.

MaiSi ® products are suitable for water-based liquid cleaners with pH values ranging from 4 to 11, and can adjust the rheology to achieve the desire look and consistency for the cleaning agents, and provide the cleaning agents with viscosity control, adhesion, foaming, anti-soil redeposition and emulsion stability. When used as thickener, MaiSi®is mainly used in products designed for fine textiles.In addition, viscous formulas or gel cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning vertical surfaces, so for neutral cleaners (ph-6-8), MaiSi® is ideal choice for thickening and adjusting rheology.

Maisi® Cellulose HPMC MS-60

Maisi® Cellulose HPMC MS-65

Maisi® Cellulose HPMC MS-75