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VAE Redispersible Polymer Powder

MaiSI® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder is free-flowing re-dispersible polymer powders are obtained through spray-drying of optimized latex dispersions.

MaiSi® redispersible polymer powders have a decisive influence on cement, lime or gypsum based finished drymix mortar products, as well as on cement free and mineral- binder free systems.

It has a decisive influence on cement, lime or gypsum-based finished dry-mix mortar products, as well as on cement free and mineral-binder free system. Our expertise in the development and production of special latex dispersions allows Accurate® to supply an unprecedented range of products specifically developed to bring defined improvements to a wide range of mortars:

Product Specifications

AppearanceWhite powder, can flow freely
Min Film Forming Temperature0ºC
Residual Moistue≤1.5%
Bulk Density50-600g/l
Ash Content13±2%
Ph(1% solution, 25ºC)7.0±1.0
Film PropertiesTranslucent, elastic platic
Fineness, um80
AdvantagesFlexibility / Adhesive


VAE RDP Solutions

Redispersible Polymer Powder applications

• Cement based wall putties
• Wallpaper adhesives
• Cement based tile adhesives
• Crack fillers
• Adhesion mortars
• Gypsum joint fillers
• Repair mortars
• Cement Renders

Why Redispersible Polymer Powder

• Has excellent water-repellent and hydrophobic properties.
• Improves the adhesion, flexural strength, plasticity, abrasion resistance and good workability of modified    compounds.
• Gives proper adhesion for external insulation and finishing system.
• Used as Self-leveling troweling compounds and flooring compounds
• Improves the workability and other important mechanical properties like tensile-, compression- and    flexural strength, as well as the transversal deformation.
• Provides excellent slip resistance, impact resistance and helps to reduce the formation of cracks caused    by shrinkage.