Top 6 questions of HPMC, how much do you know?

Shandong Gomez Chemicals Co., LTD summarizes some frequently encountered product questions and answers about hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC).

1. What is the main purpose of HPMC?

——Answer: HPMC is widely used in building materials, tile adhesives, wall putty, dry-mixed mortar, gypsum plaster, self-leveling,coating and paint, detergent, etc.

2. How to judge the quality of HPMC simply and intuitively?

1) Whiteness, although whiteness cannot determine whether HPMC is easy to use, and if whitening agents are added in the production process, it will affect its quality, but most of the good products have good whiteness.

2) Fineness: The fineness of HPMC generally has 80 mesh and 100 mesh, 120 mesh is less, the finer the finer the better.

3) Light transmittance: After HPMC is placed in water to form a transparent colloid, look at its light transmittance. The greater the light transmittance, the better, indicating that there are less insolubles in it, and the transmittance of vertical reactors is generally good. , The horizontal reactor is worse, but it does not mean that the quality of the vertical reactor is better than that of the horizontal reactor, and there are many factors to determine the product quality.

4) Specific gravity: The larger the specific gravity, the heavier the better. The higher the specific gravity, the higher the hydroxypropyl content in the product. The higher the hydroxypropyl content, the better the water retention.

3. What are the main technical indicators of HPMC?

——Answer: Hydroxypropyl content and viscosity, most users are concerned about these two indicators. Those with high hydroxypropyl content generally have better water retention. Those with high viscosity have better water retention, relatively rather than absolutely, and those with high viscosity are better used in cement mortar.

4. What is the appropriate viscosity of HPMC?

——Answer: Wall putty generally has a viscosity of 100,000, and tile adhesives generally have a viscosity of 150,000 or 200,000. Moreover, the most important function of HPMC is water retention, followed by thickening. In putty powder, as long as the water retention is good, a lower viscosity of 70,000 to 80,000 is also acceptable. Of course, the higher the viscosity, the better the relative water retention. When the viscosity exceeds 100,000, the viscosity has little effect on water retention.

5. What are the main raw materials of HPMC?

—— Answer: The main raw materials of HPMC: refined cotton, methyl chloride, propylene oxide, and other raw materials, caustic soda, acid, toluene, isopropanol, etc.

6. What is the gel temperature of HPMC related to?

——Answer: The gel temperature of HPMC is related to its methoxy content. The lower the methoxy content↓, the higher the gel temperature.

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